Host an Elected Official at Your Dealership

Tips for Hosting an Elected Official at Your Dealership

Meeting your legislators at your dealership allows you to get to know your representatives in person, build a relationship with them, and begin to educate them on the economic impact your business has on the district.  Legislators want to know this information, and,  by building a relationship, you can become a trusted source of information that they can turn to regarding the potential impact of legislation.

Suggested Dealer Visit Format

  • Invite your legislator for a one-hour meeting that allows him or her to get to know you at your dealership location.
  • Allow your legislator to meet your staff.
  • You can include a question and answer session with your employees and have them speak directly about their job.
  • If  legislation is pending that impacts your dealership and the automotive retailing industry, discuss it with your legislator.  VWGoA can provide you with this information and relevant talking points to use during this conversation.
  • Allow your legislator to meet your staff.

Preparing for Your Visit

  • Prepare both yourself and your employees with background information about your legislators as well as any issues that might be relevant.  For information on your legislators, click here.
  • You may want to notify the media of your dealership visit and encourage positive local coverage.  Be sure to let your legislator or their staff  know ahead of time if media will be present.

Let VWGoA Know About the Visit

  • We can provide information and other assistance to help make your visit a success
  • Don’t forget to share your story.  We appreciate any insights you can share on how legislators are viewing the issues we care about, and your actions will help encourage other dealers to host their legislators as well.
  • To contact us with any questions or information on your dealership visits, click here.