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Tax Policies That Force Clean Diesel Drivers to Pay More at the Pump
Clean diesel engines produce lower CO2 emissions than gas, yet the federal, state and local governments continue to tax diesel at a higher rate. VWGoA believes it’s time to level the playing field and stop forcing clean diesel drivers to pay more at the pump.

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State Adoption of CA Zero-Emission Vehicle Mandates
In 2012, California adopted its most recent mandate, requiring that 15 percent of new vehicle sales in 2025 be zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs).  These vehicles include plug-in hybrid vehicles, fully electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell automobiles.  The following 9 states also have adopted CA’s mandate:  Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Eight of the 10 states listed above – all but Connecticut and New Jersey – released a Multi-State Action Plan to guide efforts to put 3.3 million ZEVs on their roads by 2025.  While global automakers including VWGoA applaud policy efforts to build a robust market for these vehicles, mandating that automakers sell specific numbers of vehicles that run on electricity or hydrogen impacts consumer choice and presents a costly challenge for automakers, dealers, and the states alike.  To help states succeed with meeting the goals of these mandates, VWGoA advocates that policymakers enact consumer incentives to purchase these vehicles, such as state and federal tax credits and HOV lane access, as well as support funding and other measures to encourage investments in charging and fueling infrastructure and increase state fleet sales.

VW Launches Electric Vehicle Awareness Campaign.  In March 2018, Volkswagen and other major automakers launched a joint $1.5 million advertising campaign to urge consumers to buy electric vehicles.  The campaign, “Drive Change. Drive Electric,” will include a website, advertising, social media, strategic partnerships and events.  It will initially focus on Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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